Property Ownership

What do we own and why do we own it?

We will organize and research your recorded documents to build a history of mineral ownership. These documents will be digitized and a report generated to explain for you and future generations the history of ownership and corrective actions if necessary.

Interest Verification

Confused by decimal interest on Division Orders or Check Stubs?

We will verify your ownership interest in every well based on our research of property ownership, leases, and division orders to ensure your decimal percentage is correct.

Payments & Deductions

Am I being paid correctly?

We will audit your historical payment history for every well comparing paid volumes of oil and gas with state reported volumes. In addition we will perform an audit of deductions compared to the language in your lease.

Mineral Appraisal

What is my mineral asset worth?

We will utilize best practices to perform Decline Curve Analysis on your wells to estimate the remaining value of those active wells, along with explaining the potential of future activity specific to the geology and region of your well interest.